World Scholars Cup

On the 2nd - 3rd April, 8 students took part in the Cardiff Round of the World Scholars Cup, and did exceptionally well, gaining 12 trophies and 87 medals and qualifying for the Global round of the World Scholars Cup, which will see them potentially going to Stockholm in July. The World Scholars Cup is a global academic competition which gives students the ability to participate in academic events and meet scholars from all over the world, broadening their horizons and giving them an incredible experience like no other. 

The two days consisted of rigorous academic events which they had been preparing for months in advance, coached by sixth-form student Anaka Malalgoda Weerakoon and other sixth-form helpers.  They had to learn how to debate and study effectively , with a 6 subject curriculum to learn prior to this event. The competition consisted of various tests and essay writing events, as well as team debating, which required a lot of dedication and quick thinking, in which all our scholars excelled! Two of our students, Alexsija Warde-Perkovic and Alina Tretieu, were selected for the Debate Showcase as some of the best debaters of the round. 

Every scholar did exceptionally well and qualified for the next round, which if completed successfully, will allow them to get to the prestigious Tournament of Champions held at Yale University. Some achievements include the incredible results of the Junior Round team, (Lois Bance-Percy, Daria Ringel and Jasmine Chan), who gained 1st place in every event and overall placing as the 1st place team of the entire round, with 7 trophies between them and dozens of medals. The Senior Round team, who consisted of Alina Tretieu, Sophie Malhotra, and Arjun Di Punto, also did exceptionally well, with Arjun Di Pinto gaining the top scholar trophy in the Scholars Challenge, Sophie Malhotra gaining the top scholar overall in debating, and the team overall gaining 2nd place and 4 trophies in the Senior Round - an incredible achievement as they were the youngest senior team at the event! Aleksija Warde-Perkovic and Gabrielle Anderson also attended as individuals and they too achieved highly, with Gabrielle achieving many medals and Aleksija gaining 1st place scholar for the essay writing event, receiving a trophy and many other medals in other events. Lois Bance-Percy achieved the Best Performance of the entire round, as well as 1st place in the Scholars Challenge and top debater of the Junior Round. 



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