Our Vision

At St. Clement Danes, we aim to create and inspire:

  • the principles of excellence, respect and trust

  • an environment of support, development and challenge

  • a commitment to tradition, adaptation and transformation

  • the skills with which to develop confidence, curiosity and courage


Excellence, Respect and Trust

We are guided by the principles of excellence, respect and trust. We expect all members of our community to recognise the contribution of each individual and to work together to achieve outstanding outcomes. Our school’s motto is Loyauté m’oblige (Loyalty binds me); we understand this to mean that the school’s commitment to the individual - and individual’s commitment to the school - lasts beyond the years that are spent here, and follows us all in future endeavours.

Support, Development and Challenge

We strive to ensure that every individual in our community is not only known and valued, but also challenged to be the best they can be. We aim to provide a supportive environment in which we foster the development of aspiration, ambition and moral purpose alongside a lasting love of learning.

Tradition, Adaptation and Transformation

We are a school with a deep-rooted tradition and history, but our history is itself one of innovation. Time and again, St. Clement Danes has shown itself strong enough in its foundations to embrace change and adapt to the evolving needs of our community. We aim for excellence through a commitment to sustained improvement; our future focus and transformation is always based in robust reflection, research and evaluation.

Confidence, Curiosity and Courage

We wish all our students to leave St Clement Danes equipped with the skills they need to become happy, twenty-first century, global citizens. In all areas of life, we want our students to be confident in their pursuits and passions; to be ever curious in approaching new ideas and environments, and to be prepared and courageous in their choices and decisions.


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