Triumph in Germany for Year 10 Student Isobel Davies

In a spectacular display of skill and dedication, Year 10 student Isobel Davies and her partner Sadie Rickerby have earned well-deserved recognition for their outstanding performance at the Gutenberg Acro Cup in Germany, representing Great Britain in the 11-16 Women's Pairs category.

The dynamic duo showcased their prowess in the competition, clinching impressive results across various categories. In the highly competitive Balance segment, Isobel and Sadie secured the coveted Gold, demonstrating not only their technical precision but also their exceptional teamwork.

The duo continued their success in the Dynamic category and then the Finals, where their agility and coordination earned them a Silver medal in each.

The outstanding results achieved by Isobel and Sadie underscore their commitment to excellence and mark the beginning of a promising journey in representing Great Britain on the international stage. Their success not only brings pride to the school, but also serves as an inspiration for fellow students to pursue their passions with determination and resilience.

The school looks forward to witnessing Isobel’s continued success and celebrating future accomplishments in the world of gymnastics. Well done Isobel!




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