Vibrant Murals Illuminate Humanities

In a collaborative effort to enhance their learning environment students have played an integral role in the design and creation of stunning murals adorning the Humanities corridor. Led by the Humanities prefects, students from Years 8 to 11 actively participated in the creative process, contributing their ideas to bring vibrancy to the shared space united by a common goal: to transform the corridor into an inspiring and visually appealing space for learning.

Students' proposals, brimming with creativity and diverse perspectives, were submitted to a professional design company. The company, in turn, provided a selection of different versions to consider. Students were involved with shaping their learning environment and ensuring that the chosen designs resonated with the vision of the school community.

The Humanities corridor has been transformed into a lively, dynamic space. Thank you to the students who dedicated their time and creativity to make this project a resounding success!

On another note, earlier in the month students and staff celebrated the Hindu and Sikh festival of light, Diwali. Students volunteered to decorate the school's entrances with the traditional Indian art work, Rangoli and delivered a whole school assembly helped by Miss Ramsbottom and Mrs Sivagaran. The key message being that light will always overcome darkness and good will win over evil.




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