Culture Day 1st July

The school took part in its first annual Culture Day on the 1st July. The day was led by the diversity prefect, Adnan Abdulkader, and the diversity society; it was a day requested by students and was an opportunity to deepen social awareness, celebrate different cultures and enrich students’ understanding of the world around them. A lot of work has been undertaken regarding prejudice and discrimination; Culture Day was intended to be more of a celebration. 
Students wore their own clothes on the day, with the option to wear cultural dress. It was fantastic to see such an array of cultural inspired dress: saris, tunics and kilts were just some to feature. Many others wore football shirts, colours of their flag or had a flag painted on them during the day. Many also took the opportunity to bring in different types of food and shared them with friends, while the canteen provided a spread from traditionally British Fish and Chips, to American burgers, pasta from Italy and Mexican chilli. The library showcased stories from around the world and the society puts cultural facts around the school for the students to find and read. 
The assembly the week prior, explored why having these events is important, the impact different cultures make on our own and our own sense of history and identity, led by Ms Doyle, Assistant Headteacher and the Diversity Society. Language and the influences upon it, also was discussed. This week in assembly, Miss Tucker asked a selection of students from her gym and dance show to be perform for the students - the theme of the show was diversity. 
In lessons teachers took time to make links to other cultures and parts of history where relevant. In PE students played Gaelic football and French Cricket. 
An extended lunchtime meant more fun could be had, including a penalty shootout with the teachers. A tuck shop, various competitions and music from different cultures was played over loud speakers. Any money raised went to the Diversity Trust which promotes equality, diversity, equity and inclusion with a focus on all the protected characteristics including gender, age, disability and race.
Our particular thanks to the students: Adnan Abdulkader, Ambrin Manji, Sofiya Manji, Cora Pearce, Livi Kaye, Darcey Evans , Abbi Ledden, Amy Wallace, Imy Conteh, Carla Mackintosh-Cera, Charlotte Curtis, Michael Martin and Ella Hartal, who all ran the day's events; as well as Layla Meghjee who founded and led the society and helped organise the day before she left for her exams this summer. 
We hope to make this an annual celebration and build on the success of this year. 



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