SCD re-accredited as 'World Class'

We are delighted that the school has been re-accredited as 'World Class,' by World Class Schools. Our thanks to all involved, particularly Mrs Kirby, who collected evidence and our sixth form prefect team in Year 13. Students had to demonstrate skills including: students are dedicated to lifelong learning, can lead, contribute to the community, are committed to self-improvement and continuous challenge and have a high awareness of different careers and fields open to them. They also had to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of literacy, technology, Science and Mathematics. 

As part of the process, students were invited to an assessment day where they had to work as a team to create a mosaic fitting of a school's motto and ethos. This was designed through collaboration with another school, carefully following a brief, and then made to a high standard. Our thanks to Mrs Fern and Mrs O'Dowd for taking these students. 

On the 6th July, Ms Doyle, Assistant Headteacher, Mrs Kirby, Associate Pastoral Leader and 6 Year 12 prefects will go to London to the World Class Symposium to receive the award and take part in a day of discussion around social media’s role in the world after hearing from professional networking and technical industry experts. 

Our huge thanks to all staff and students involved.



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