Sports Day Returns!

Year 8, 9 & 10 had their Sports Day this week after missing last year's with the pandemic. We were delighted to see the students compete so well in their house colours and to hear them getting cheered on by their house mates as well as the dulcet tones of Mr Brown calling them in. We had some fantastic performances and some great efforts from students who wouldn't normally. It was particularly special to see the Year 8s compete in their first sports day. The noise from the supporting crowd was wonderful, particularly in the close finishes and when supporting all runners of all abilities.  

We also had a superb finale to the Year 10 pentathlon where Olivia Matharu & Roraigh Browne won their respective events. This was concluded with an 800m, after the 12 boys and 11 girls had competed in 100m, Shot, Long & High Jump over the past week. It was very apt to see these two cross the line first as they are both to be awarded with Senior Athlete of the Year.  

Year winners were:

Year 8 Boys: Lincoln

Year 8 Girls: Dane

Year 9 Boys: Dane

Year 9 Girls:  Exeter

Year 10 Boys: Temple

Year 10 Girls: Clare

Current overall standings before Year 7's & 8S's event: 

1st - Exeter, 2nd - Lincoln, 3rd - Dane, 4th- Temple, 5th - Burleigh, 6th- Clare,

7th - Clement, 8th- Essex

We hope to conclude sports day with Year 8S doing their events next week & Year 7 will have their own Sports day on Tuesday afternoon.



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