ELDP (formally TLDW) Educator Led Development Programme

The ELDP is a programme for professional development and leadership for both teachers and non-teachers. The programme involves supporting and coaching colleagues about how to lead an initiative: how to identify, implement and evaluate progress effectively, while fostering collaboration across schools nationally. This creates a strong foundation on which colleagues can confidently base their leadership of a process of innovation, evaluation and investigation that improves an aspect of teaching and learning or pastoral support. The concept of teacher/ non-teacher-led development work underpins the aims of the ELDP to enable participants to lead processes of innovation and change in their schools, which in turn has a significant impact on students.

In this challenging year, 5 members of staff at St Clement Danes, undertook a project for their professional development. The projects produced have been of a very high standard and have included work on curriculum design, challenge, developing grit, determination or support and recovery following lockdown. Our colleagues all approached the ELDP from different perspectives due to their range in roles at the school, and enjoyed the collaboration that ensued. The participants were: Mr Oulton, (Head of Geography), Mr Disley, (KS3 lead of Maths), Ms Lloyd-Adams, (technician for Art and Photography), Ms Whiteman, (Attendance and Welfare Officer) and Miss Sacks (REPS lead). Some of their work has featured in Headlines separately, such as Inspire 9.

During this process, Mrs Wheatley has also trained to be a facilitator of the ELDP using her coaching expertise. She has undertaken the role with great enthusiasm and professionalism; her drive and support have been invaluable to those involved and representatives of Herts Cam have commented on her outstanding delivery.

Some of the colleagues who have taken part in the ELDP have done so through our Associate Leadership Programme, which is designed to provide CPD for prospective future leaders at all levels in the school. This helps us to deliver the Danes Educational Trust pledge that, “We will nurture your talent, know your aspirations and provide you with rich, diverse and personalised Career Professional Development.” Our Associate Assistant Headteachers who took part in the two-year programme, also contributed significantly to the school: Ms Leonard has led literacy at both St Clement Danes and across the Danes Educational Trust, while Mrs Edwards has supported sixth form and led the Brilliant Club. We congratulate all the colleagues involved and thank them for their work.  



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