Inspire 9

Inspire 9 is a wellbeing intervention group run by Ms Whiteman. A selected group of some wonderful Year 9s attended a weekly session with the purpose of improving confidence, motivation, resilience and a growth mindset. Taken out of their comfort zone at times in a safe, nurturing environment to encourage thoughts and ideas has had a noticeable impact on these young people. Checking in with each other encouraged respect and thoughtfulness often overlooked in our busy lives.  

The group also discussed inspirational young inventors and innovators, who are just like them and around their age demonstrated to them how it is possible to succeed in any area of interest with the added ingredients of grit and determination. 

They met two inspirational 6th Formers who shared their own experience of school and their aspirations of what they want to do next. It was interesting to hear the questions put to the 6th Formers at the end of the session.    

Ms Whiteman, was delighted to say that following a survey completed with ImpactEd, it was evident that there had been a significant improvement in their overall wellbeing, growth mindset and motivation.

Mr Harris, Assistant Headteacher, praised Ms Whiteman’s work with these students and emphasised the impact she had made, noting the group had made significant strides.

This is another of the school’s intitaitves in supporting our young people, particularly following the disruption of the pandemic and it is full credit to members of staff like Ms Whiteman to going the extra mile and providing that addiitonal pastoral care and inspiration.

Ms Whiteman ran this initiative as part of her TLDW project. 


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