Thank you for your supporting the Anchor Fund

Thank you to all the new Year 7 and Sixth form parents who have donated to the school's Anchor Fund this term, as well as to all of our parents who donate to the Anchor Fund. Many of our parents choose to donate by standing order each month- this is our preferred method as it is a consistent source of funds which helps to enhance the resources that our faculties provide for your children.

We are also hugely grateful to all the parents who have donated through the more recent method of payment - via the ParentPay portal. Parents can top up their child's cashless catering at the same time as donating to the Anchor Fund- what could be easier!

The Trustees of the Anchor Fund meet each term and consider applications for funds from across our faculties- all of which directly improve our students' education. Last week the Anchor Fund committee met and granted £8,000 to the faculties and the school.  This makes a massive difference to the students’ learning experience.  This additional support for the school has never been more needed as we face increased costs and are having to find new ways to provide the full curriculum experience to the students. 

Please see the gallery below for a snapshot of some of the fantastic items that have been purchased as a result of your donations.

Thank you!

Please do consider donating to the Anchor Fund- if you are not donating and would like to do so please click here for further information about donating via regular standing order. You can also make donations by ParentPay and also by Virgin Money Giving.




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