Black History Month

St Clement Danes School has celebrated Black History Month with three assemblies dedicated to this event. Black History Month was first launched in London in the 1980s, when the aim was for the local community to challenge racism and educate themselves and others about the British history that was not taught in schools. The month began with an assembly exploring the events of George Floyd’s murder and the historical context of racism in Britain and America. Performing Arts prefects highlighted the work of black performers such as Hattie McDaniel and Ray Charles. In Humanities lessons students have considered moments in Black History which link to their current topics and Key Stage 3 students have been exploring British people that they find most inspiring. Some chose students researched British nurse, Mary Seacole, and her work during the Crimean War. Other students chose current inspirational people such as Marcus Rashford, whose work on expanding access to free school meals was acknowledged when he was awarded an MBE.

Please watch the final assembly below which includes work from our students about Black History Month.

Further information about Black History Month can be found here.


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