Getting good 'Vibes' on SoundCloud!

It is fascinating to hear about the breadth of skills that our students possess across a broad spectrum of areas, and we would like to share news of talented Year 10 student Josh Denning who is guitarist in local music band 'Vibes'. Josh and fellow musicians, George, Inaara, Jago and Jasper, who all attend the Buckinghamshire Music Trust, formed the band two years ago. The band attend a weekly workshop on Tuesday evenings which is run by music production company 'Hi-Gain'.  Vibes have released their latest track 'Can we be more than this?' on SoundCloud which is featured below. The group produced this track during lockdown. Please follow the links below to listen to their other tracks.

We wish Vibes every success for the future and congratulate them on creating this fantastic track during lockdown. We hope that you enjoy their music as much as we do and look forward to hearing more of their great 'Vibes' in the future!


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