Easter concert hits new heights

Performances at last night's Easter concert hit new heights - and no, we are not just thinking of Mr Evans' vocal range in Bohemian Rhapsody. It was, as ever, an eclectic programme with audience members remarking upon the sheer depth of quality throughout the performances. There were breathtaking solos juxtaposed with impressive items from both orchestras and a range of ensembles. Both the junior and senior choirs also performed, but it was the Boys' Choir and Not White Noise's rendition of Queen's classic which perhaps stole the show - not least for fabulous vocal performances, an epic guitar solo and, of course, Miss Stevens' final note on the gong. Well done to all the performers who took part, particularly those in Year 13 who played their final concert at the school. Thank you to all the staff who helped put on such an enjoyable night of music making - the music department, peripatetic teachers and accompanyists, the Parents' Association for providing refreshments and all those who helped behind the scenes with admin or caretaking duties.



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