Prefect Team 2019-20 Announced

This week, in an assembly hotly anticipated and enjoyed by the whole school community, the new prefect team for 2019-20 was announced. During the assembly, the outgoing team were thanked for their sterling work throughout the year and the Head Boys and Girls team were presented with a memento of their time at the school. The 73 prefects were then announced with the new senior prefect team as follows:

Head Girl: Yasmin Homer

Head Boy: Jack McGee

Deputy Head Girl: Darcy Wood

Deputy Head Boy: Zain Ahmed

Lead Charities Prefect: Hamza Daudali

Sixth Form Committee Prefect: Rowan Gharial

Sixth Form Committee Prefect: Kate Hunter

Lead House Prefect: Anna Gawne

Congratulations to all our new prefects - we know you will all be fantastic!


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