Sixth form students attend Cambridge Physics Experience

Nineteen A-level Physics students visited Cambridge University on Friday March 1. The Year 12 students took part in the Cambridge Physics Experience, which included a tour of Magdalene College, a lecture on circular motion and a practical session.

At Magdalene College, one of the oldest at the university, the students learned about the collegiate structure of Cambridge University as well as getting a taste for college life through visits to the modern and traditional dining halls and the college chapel.

“The trip was enjoyable, especially looking around the university campus,” said Jack Foreman, who joined St Clement Danes in the Sixth Form.

Phoebe Dolan agreed: “I enjoyed the tour around the college,  and learnt how the colligate system works.”

The tour moved on to the world-renowned Cavendish Laboratory for talks on the admissions process and the history of the laboratory, including some of the Nobel Prize-winning discoveries made there.

In the afternoon the students had a lecture on circular motion followed by an experiment to determine the gravitational field strength using a pendulum.

“The day was good in the respects of showing the college and giving an outline into the application process,” said Mia Thody.

Mr van Dyk, who accompanied the students, enjoyed the displays of old scientific equipment, including the world’s first cloud chamber, which was a chance discovery made during an entirely separate experiment.

“It’s always great to be reminded how scientists can make important discoveries even when they are not expecting or looking for them,” he said.








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