Quick Numeracy! Miss Hamilton explains

Danes Student Journalist, Aydin Alidina, 7A reports ...

A week before World Maths Day, Miss Hamilton led an assembly on numeracy. Numeracy is the ability to solve every day problems using basic maths skills. The importance of numeracy in everyday life, shocking statistics and what we can do to improve our own numeracy skills were all explained.  

It was surprising to learn that:

  • Poor numeracy skills costs the UK over £20b a year!
  • Over 17m adults have everyday numeracy skills equivalent to a primary school child!
  • 78% of adults have numeracy skills below level 2!

We can all learn to improve our numeracy skills in 3 ways:

  1. Try figuring out everyday problems
  2. Do puzzles
  3. Practise some mental maths

Being aware of the importance of numeracy in everyday things such as timetables, cooking, budgeting and many other things, we could change the current day statistics for the next generation.


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