La vie en France!

Twenty four French Exchange students enjoyed experiencing life in France for a week, when students and staff travelled to Lyon to stay with host families this month. The students experienced many activities including visiting the Musée des Confluences,  the Olympique de Lyon football club and the covered market (Les Halles), where the students had an opportunity to taste snails and order pâtisseries. The group also visited a chocolate museum, went to the town of Vienne, played football with their hosts at their school and had an enjoyable time at the Musée cinema et miniatures in Lyon, which was followed by a crêpe or ice cream! Staff challenged the students to use the host language during these various trips, especially when they were ordering food and drinks. 

Four sixth form students were included in the party, and they spent a whole day in a primary school teaching English to students. They taught the pupils songs and played vocabulary games. On another two occasions they visited a secondary school, helping or leading sessions in the classroom. Madame Masse reported that the sixth form students thoroughly enjoyed this experience, adding that they gained a valuable insight into the job of a teacher. The experience also encouraged some students to consider taking a gap year to teach English as a foreign language, and showed them the possible opportunities for volunteering later in life. One student, who would like to become a primary school teacher, said it was really a fantastic experience for her to visit the school in this capacity. 

Madame Masse reported that she received excellent feedback from the host school and families, and whilst at the airport, she could hear the host families inviting our students to come back in the summer to spend a holiday with them. A strong friendship was forged between both groups.

The trip was a great success, and although the students reported that they were exhausted, they gained a huge amount from the experience. Thanks to Madame Masse, staff and sixth form students for organising such an interesting trip!






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