Year 7 Disco

Danes Student Journalist, Hope Jones, 7T, reports ...

On Thursday 22nd March, Sasha Chimbumu – important member of the Year 7 events squad – organised the Year 7 disco. This event has been planned by many previous members of the Year 7 events squad; however, the idea has never been put into action. The current Year 7 will be the first of hopefully many years that will be included in this event. About half the students in Year 7 paid £2.50 for a ticket to the disco. On the night at 6:30pm, the event was split into one room for dancing and another for snacks but the average amount of people in each was a blur: people were rushing in and out of the two halls. However, throughout the controlled chaos, there was the occasional window to talk to some of the people there. Anaya in 7 Temple told us, “The disco was very productive and had a variety of snacks to choose from. If there was a Year 8 disco, I would definitely go again. It was so much fun! ” Apparently, according to reviews from our friends, the disco was a huge success! Hopefully, the disco will be carried on for many Year 7s to come. Thank you to the Year 7 events squad for a fun night and to the teachers for supervising the event.


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