Science students release fish into the River Chess

On Tuesday 27th March, science students from 7 Exeter visited the Chess Valley and released four trout into the River Chess. The students have been engaged in an ongoing science project "Trout in the Classroom" which involves rearing trout for the regeneration of the river, led by Year 10 student Mickey Venus. The students assisted Mickey by helping to feed, clean and monitor the trout, from their growth as eggs to juvenile trout, until they were viable for release into the river. This project was instigated by the Chilterns Chalk Streams Project, and the programme, supported by the River Chess Association, gives the students the chance to learn about the life cycle of brown trout and to develop an interest in their local river.  Please see the photo gallery below and see the students in action at the river, under the guidance of local farmer and Chairman of the River Chess Association, Paul Jennings.

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