Parents go back to school for a STEM evening

Last night 20 Year 8 and 9 students brought their parents back to school for the evening as part of a STEM evening hosted by the Science Faculty. Working with an education adviser from the Smallpeice Trust and apprentice and graduate engineers from Finmeccanica, the students created a mini-speaker from scratch, learning to solder and building a housing which would maximise the sound of the finished product. Parents expressed gratitude to the school for inviting them in and seemed to enjoy being able to work alongside their children in this way. “It’s the kind of thing not all parents would be able to do with their children at home, so it’s a great opportunity to take up,” explained one parent. Mrs Quinton, who organised the event, said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for students to work with engineers in constructing a real-life application of the science we learn in the classroom. That their parents got to share in this process and saw their children being inspired was an added bonus: we hope that they enjoyed being back in the classroom!”


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