Food, Glorious Food!

Congratulations to Year 8 student Amelia Hemmings who was, today, presented with her prize having won Chorleywood Bookshop's 'Food Glorious Food' writing competition. Amelia wrote a short story of 200 words about a box of eggs having a conversation with one another. The eggs realise that their demise is imminent when the cook is about to break them into the frying pan! (Please see below)

This piece was selected to win in the 11-16 age category of the competition. The competition's judge, local author Terri Terry, together with Penny Pugh and Sheryl Shurville from Chorleywood Bookshop, visited the school this morning to present Amelia with her prize. They spoke to students about the literary festival and reading in general.

Young adults' author Terri said "It was impossible not to laugh when reading this, and it really stood out with its use of dialogue. "

Food, Glorious Food!

The eggs sit chattering in their box as they do on a normal Saturday morning, when suddenly the box begins to shake.

"Eh, what's going on here!"

"We know as much as you do Jerry!" shout the other eggs

Then a burst of light shines onto the eggs silky shells as the box is opened.

They look around the kitchen intrigued by the new view when suddenly they realise a large frying pan is to the left of them.

"What do you think that thing is over there?" enquires Jerry?

Then, an enormous hand grabs Dave, the egg nearest the frying pan.

"What are they doing with Dave?"

"Where are they taking Dave?"

Suddenly a loud crack noise fills the room.

"Huh?" murmurs Fred confused

Then the eggs realise what is going on.

"Ahhhhhhh screams all the eggs!"

The hand picks up its next victim, this time it is Bob.

"Take Fred, not me!" screams Bob.

The runny remains of Dave and Bon sizzle in the pan as the remaining eggs try to make a break for it.

The hand comes back to see that only five eggs are left in the box. The hand closes the box and then picks them up. All the eggs start to scream again. But then, with a thud, the eggs realise that they are back in the fridge. A sigh of relief spreads through the eggs.

"Shut the fridge door!" yells Jerry.


We would like to thank our visitors for taking the time to visit the school today.


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