'Help Refugees' update

On 27th January 2017, Old Dane Dan Chadder visited the school and led an assembly about the charity ‘Help Refugees’. Based in Northern France, the charity had been running a camp in Dunkirk at which Dan has been an aid worker. Dan informed the students about some of the challenges that his team experienced during distribution of clothing at the camp. Language barriers and cultural sensitivities are amongst some of the challenges that helpers faced, and items had to be prioritised for the most vulnerable individuals. Students heard that workers tried to provide everyone with essential items in a dignified way, and that they worked hard to establish the most efficient and effective methods of distribution, helped by the knowledge that each donation has been provided by a person who cares. Following the assembly, sixth form students organised a school collection of clothing for the refugees. The items were sorted, packed and delivered to the refugees two weeks after the collection, with the assistance of many people who played an equally valued role in the whole process.

Subsequent to the items being distributed, refugees had to be evacuated from the camp as the result of a fire on 11th April. The refugees have since been moved to a number of locations across France, due to the extensive damage at the camp.

Thank you to our sixth form students who organised the school collection, and to the school community for kindly donating these items. Many thanks to Dan for updating the school about the dispersal of all contributed items, and we wish Dan well in his continued work as an aid worker with ‘Help Refugees’.

For those who wish to volunteer or donate to 'Help Refugees', please see the link below to find further information. 'Chorleywood4Refugees' has a collection point at William Penn Leisure Centre every Saturday morning. Please contact Brian Donnelly for further information at






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