Year 9 Ski Trip a Success!

The Year 9 ski trip proved to be an extraordinary success, as students not only honed their skiing skills but also immersed themselves in the rich Austrian culture. The trip was marked with many memorable experiences.

Beyond the ski slopes, the students engaged in various recreational activities, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. A lively bowling session brought laughter and friendly competition along with a brilliant quiz night hosted by Miss Jones and Miss Sharp.

Karaoke night emerged as a crowd favourite, allowing the students to showcase their hidden talents. The vibrant atmosphere of the evening was a testament to the students' exuberance and the positive energy seen through the entire trip.

One afternoon was dedicated to exploring the charming city of Salzburg, where the students immersed themselves in the local culture and history. From iconic landmarks to quaint streets, the excursion provided a well-rounded cultural experience.

Exemplary behaviour was displayed by the students at all times. Their conduct contributed to a positive and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that everyone could enjoy the journey to the fullest. 


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