Art and Photography Department Trip

Thirty five Year 12 and 13 students participated in another amazing Art and Photography Department trip to Amsterdam last week. The days were packed with walking, dodging bicycles and trams, galleries, eating and laughter.

With four galleries in total to explore, the students were able to experience work spanning from the 17th to the 21st Century. Famous works by Rembrandt and Vermeer were astonishing and the Modern Art and Photography gallery proved to be extremely engaging and thought provoking. At the photography gallery students were encouraged to engage and discuss the works which is an important part of the photography curriculum. Students also learnt about managing and curating the space within the gallery and were informed on how artists sell their work. In addition to gallery visits, we also toured the house of Anne Frank. This became a sombre yet captivating and moving experience. 

An all-inclusive trip; students enjoyed the restaurants and the food was excellent. Free time was spent exploring shops, eateries, sketching and taking photographs in the city centre. There will be a small exhibition of some of the fantastic photographs taken during the trip, these will be displayed in school in the foyer of the Hadfield Art Suite at a later date. 

Many thanks to the students who behaved impeccably and to Mrs Giles and Mr McKeown for their utter professionalism and for giving up their time.


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