Year 11 Prince's Trust Achieve Group Creates Nutrient-Packed Meals… on a Budget

In a remarkable demonstration of independence and culinary flair, the Year 11 Prince's Trust Achieve Group embarked on a journey to promote healthy eating while mastering essential life skills. This recent activity saw the students taking the reins, researching their individual meals, creating unique recipes and meticulously calculating costs - all within our school's Food Technology kitchen.

The students were tasked with researching and selecting their own meals and the results were a delightful blend of flavours and cultures. From highly-stacked burgers and veggie-loaded pasta dishes to protein-packed salads, each student's recipe was carefully designed to provide a balanced intake of nutrients and vitamins.

With their chosen recipes in hand, the students then faced the challenge of bringing their culinary creations to life. In our school's well-equipped kitchen, they transformed raw ingredients into mouth-watering dishes. The kitchen was a hive of activity as students demonstrated their culinary prowess, from seasoning to sautéing, baking to boiling.

But this activity was about more than just culinary creativity. The students demonstrated their financial literacy by meticulously calculating the costs of their meals. They considered the price of each ingredient, portion sizes and evaluated the overall affordability of their dishes. This hands-on approach not only reinforced their understanding of a balanced diet but also equipped them with vital budgeting skills.

By creating meals that featured components of a balanced diet, the students learned the importance of consuming a variety of foods in the right proportions. They also explored the nutritional value of different ingredients and how these choices contribute to overall health and well-being.

Enabling students to choose their meals, develop recipes and calculate costs, the activity underlined the importance of informed, healthy eating and budget-conscious choices. Students walked away with a deeper understanding of how to make nutritious, affordable meals that cater to their individual dietary needs.

We applaud the culinary creativity and budgeting skills of our Year 11 Prince's Trust Achieve Group and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and accomplishments. This activity not only reinforced the importance of a balanced diet but also instilled in these remarkable students the value of making informed, healthy choices in life.




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