European Day of Languages Celebrated at SCD

On the 26th September SCD students and staff came together to celebrate the European Day of Languages with great fervor. The day was marked by a variety of activities that showcased the rich linguistic and cultural diversity Europe offers.

One of the highlights of the day was a cross-curricular challenge that encouraged students to explore languages in innovative ways. Quizzes were organized, testing the students' knowledge of different European languages, fostering a spirit of friendly competition.

Year 7 students also contributed to the celebration by baking cakes which they generously donated to visitors in the MFL faculty on Open Day for a small charitable donation. Our helpers were very enthusiastic and generated a lovely atmosphere and the cakes themselves were delicious. It was hard to find a winner and everyone who contributed was given a merit. We eventually awarded prizes to Elodie Larman, Amy Rose Gowman, Mia Ford and Rosie Parsons for their wonderful cakes.

A special Key Stage 3 assembly was held, bringing students and staff together for a memorable experience. The assembly emphasised the importance of embracing linguistic diversity and understanding various cultures whilst not forgetting the importance of travel and the fun to be had in visiting different parts of the world.

The European Day of Languages also highlighted the enthusiasm of students and staff in promoting cultural understanding and acceptance.


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