USA Football Exchange Trip 2023

From July 18th to July 29th a group of enthusiastic SCD students embarked on an unforgettable journey to Maine, United States as part of a football exchange programme. Their 10-day adventure took them from training sessions at Husson University to thrilling outdoor activities.

The trip kicked off with football training sessions at Husson University under the guidance of two elite coaches, the students honed their skills and learned further valuable lessons about the sport. 

The students also had the chance to immerse themselves in American culture. They explored American shops, trying local delicacies and experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of the U.S. with two of the highlights being a visit to the stunning Acadia National Park and to Kennebec for white water rafting.

One of the primary purposes of the trip was to engage in friendly football matches with local teams. The first game, against the Acadia Fire team, was a memorable experience, even though it didn’t result in a victory. It was an opportunity to learn from the opposition and appreciate the different styles of play.

In the second game, the students had a better outcome, sealing a remarkable 10-1 victory over Bangor High with Jake Heckford hailed as man of the match. A further three exciting matches were played over the course of the week.

Throughout, the students were warmly welcomed by host families who opened their homes to the visiting students. This personal touch made the experience all the more enriching, as students got a first-hand look at American family life and culture, forming bonds with their host families.

Looking ahead, these students are now preparing to host the River City Boys and Girls for the Summer of 2024. They are eagerly seeking 15+ families willing to offer hospitality, ensuring that the warm and welcoming spirit of their American hosts is reciprocated. Plans are also in place for their own return trip, as they plan to take the boys and girls to Maine for a similar adventure in the summer of 2025.

This USA football exchange trip was a transformative experience for all the students involved. The students got to experience what it was like to play football abroad, broadening their perspectives on the sport and the world. 





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