DofE March Expeditions

178 Year 9 students undertook a two day expedition over the weekend of 10th - 13th March. The group was split in half and each group experience was different due to the challenging weather conditions.

All the students walked from school to Phasels Wood Scout Campsite near Apsley. On the first day they were accompanied by staff, parent volunteers and sixth formers who trained the group to read a map and use a compass to work out which direction they were travelling in. Students arrived at the camp site and were taught how to set up their tent and use a Trangia stove to cook their own hot evening meal and wash up afterwards. Due to extreme low temperatures the first group on Friday went home to sleep but returned to camp the following morning to resume their expedition back to school. This time they were unaccompanied but tracked and checked on by the staff and volunteers along the way. Navigational errors were made but the groups worked hard to locate themselves and get back on track. Whilst the second group did manage to camp on Sunday night they faced high winds and rain. They also managed the second day unaccompanied back to school. Tired, exhausted and very muddy the groups did all make it back to school, even if we had to pick them up in the minibus!

The students will go onto their qualifying expeditions in June, where hopefully they will have more favourable weather conditions.

A big thank you to all the parents and staff who volunteered their time to help out on a successful trip!




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