Aoife Tours with the London’s Children Ballet

Aoife Phelan, a Year 10 student, had the opportunity to tour with the London Children's Ballet earlier this month. From 600 auditions over two rounds, only 80 children were chosen to form the main company or one of the three touring companies of 2022. 

As a member of London Children's Ballet touring company, Aoife was one of ten Ballet dancers chosen to take a reduced version of 'The Little Princess' into SEN schools and Care homes across London as part of their outreach programme. Over 5 days, they did 12 performances to areas of the community that may never have seen Ballet before or who are unable to leave their care homes. They witnessed signs of joy from some children who have difficulty communicating as well as visiting the elderly who have not had much interaction with the outside world in the past two years due to Covid. 

Aoife had an amazing week being able to take her passion into the community and was a great experience vocationally as she wishes to pursue a career in performing arts. This is the last year she would have been able to audition due to the age restriction of 15.

Well done Aoife on an outstanding week and we look forward to hearing more on your successes in the future!




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