Elke invited by HRH The Prince of Wales

Elke Acornley was invited, along with her family, on behalf of HRH The Prince of Wales for the unveiling of the ‘Knitwise Project’ taking place at Dumfries House in Scotland. Elke and her family have been heavily involved in the community project, launched by Isabel Ettedgui, encouraging the craft of hand knitting, a highly valued skill in the fashion industry and is hugely beneficial for mental well-being. Over 10,000 knitted squares were knitted for the art installation which was unveiled last week at Dumfries House by The Duke of Rothesay, HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Among all the other contributions Elke, and her friends and family all got involved in knitting during the pandemic. The project has made the front page of The Times in Scotland.

There were many hundreds of squares left over and these are being made into blankets to gift to local charities. With Elke taking Art and Textiles GCSE, this experience definitely complemented her studies!



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