Year 11 Post Assessment Programme

We have been delighted to provide students with a post assessment enrichment programme after their GCSE studies to prepare them for their next steps and provide them with opportunities to engage with issues outside of the curriculum.  

The Year 11s began with workshops on Inequality in Gender where they created pyramids to make links between the inequality that exists and its roots and foundations, in order to see how change can occur. They also received careers talks including representatives from Hertfordshire University on Apprenticeship Degrees, Watford Football Club, Royal Holloway University, Distinctly Digital and Linkedin, as well as Sky.  

Students also worked with Equaliteach for a ‘Reject Racism’ project - exploring different case studies and what actions we can all take. They finished the second week with a motivation and ‘Preparation for Life after GCSEs’ with Dr Van Derspoel and then rounded off the programme with taster lessons and a ‘Serious Chat’ assembly which discussed mental health.  

We were impressed with how maturely the students approached these sessions: they were engaged and demonstrated some critical thinking, voicing interesting ideas.  

Our thanks to all the staff who helped supervise the sessions and helped organise the programme.  


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