Q & A Session with Actress Indra Ové

On the 22nd March our Year 11, 12 & 13 students were thrilled to participate in a Q & A session with the acclaimed actress Indra Ové.

Indra previously played the role of Mrs Shears in the set text the students have been studying 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' and is currently filming the critically acclaimed Netflix series Sex Education. Indra agreed to a Q & A session to give the students guidance on a career into acting.

Indra inspirationally also talked about her performance in the all-female production of Julius Caeser and the lack of empowering lines to speak on stage for women,  the actress also discussed her father, Horace Ové, a leading black independent British film maker of his time.

The students were inspired and enthused, with Izy M in Year 12 commenting, "It was such a fantastic opportunity to speak with Indra, she was really inspiring and has said she will come and speak to us again".

On a slightly different note, the Drama Faculty would like to say thank you to Mr Gardiner, our SD student, who has been learning to teach in the Drama Faculty this year and imparting his knowledge - Mr Gardiner is an experienced actor, with his latest work trending at number 1 on the acclaimed Netflix show, Shadow and Bone - he has imparted some great knowledge to our students for which we thank him for.



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