Year 7 Student Support Group

This past year has seen us all struggle in different ways, at St Clement Danes School we have been conscious of the impact this has had on our students, especially those new to the school.

Starting secondary school can be a daunting event, even more so during a pandemic. Mrs Lloyd-Adams, Support Group Lead, and Mr Harris, Assistant Headteacher, selected a small group of students who had recently joined the school in Year 7, to be part of the newly formed Year 7 support group. The aim of the group was to increase the students’ confidence and self-esteem, whilst demonstrating to them that their goals can be achieved. The group spoke at length during sessions about overcoming barriers and having determination to try (growth mindset). The students worked on various worksheets and did some practical activities as well to build their confidence. Every session they ‘checked in’ using a Zone of Regulation sheet which helped them describe how they were feeling, and consequently discussed why and how they could improve their mood. They organised simple tasks such as handing out stationery and talking about ways to help themselves at home, and some sessions also focused on Aspiration, where future jobs were discussed, including watching some videos from ex-students.

We are extremely proud of the students who participated and managed to show such enthusiasm and positivity during these sessions. The support group finished on a high with certificates handed out and a celebratory pizza lunch, socially distanced of course!

We also have some lovely words below from one of the Year 7 student participants, Aditi, on how she felt:

This support group has always helped me when I was stressed, worried or even nervous. It has helped me feel motivated and has helped me gain confidence. During lessons I would always be quiet and shy, but after this great group I have started participating in class more and talking confidently to other people. I have also made new friends. Every week we made targets for ourselves to reach and accomplish. One of the best parts about this group is the free breakfast. I also met new people who I have never talked to before. Mrs Lloyd-Adams and Mr Harris always made us feel welcome at every meeting. The past couple of weeks have been such great fun and I enjoyed every part of it!





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