Performing Arts Faculty Launch Poster Competition

The Performing Arts Faculty, led by Mrs Ingleby, have launched an exciting and fun poster competition where they have challenged students (and their families!) to create a poster of a well known movie or theatre production of their choice.

The poster will need to be submitted as a photo and is a great creative opportunity for all the family to get involved during this period of lockdown. Why not consider your costume, adding hair and make-up? Can you create a makeshift set or background with the materials you have at home? Can you add the title of the movie and the credits?

All entries need to be submitted by Monday 8th February to the school enquiries email address

Mrs Ingleby will be judging the competition and the subsequent winner will be announced on Friday 12th February.

Please note: By sharing a photo you understand and give consent for St Clement Danes School to share it internally, via the school website and the school twitter account. If shared, only first names will be used. Additionally, all entries must be appropriate, for example nothing of a 15 rating or above or depicting unsavoury images.



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