MFL Competition 2021 Update

We previously highlighted the interesting assembly Modern and Foreign Languages (MFL) had given to all our students based upon the fascinating aspect of using every day coined phrases and how these translate in different languages. There was also the launch of an exciting MFL competition for students to enter in.

We have since had a fabulous response to the competition to invent a new English word, with some original and funny suggestions. The winners will be announced in due course but listed below are a few entries that we particularly liked: 

BUCHDICHTER – someone who enjoys reading so much they are almost addicted

SLEPTONONCIA – When you’re tired but you can’t get to sleep 

READISACULAR – someone who reads a lot of books  

TEAMSNOTTEAMS – when your teams lesson doesn’t work 

STINKPALOPUS – When you stay in your pyjamas until 2 In the afternoon 

SALUTNOT –  When you go to wave at someone you know but then realise it’s not them and put your hand through your hair like you had an itch. 

TIMPET – The moment you know that You have taken something to far

JOYGETFE – the moment when you feel joy after completing a complex task 

UPFORGEDOWNUMM – Where you go upstairs to do something and forget what you were going to do so go back downstairs and then remember/ or are reminded what you were meant to do. 

MEETCH (verb) – the action people do when deep in thought. E.g Susan was meetching, for her that meant scratching the tip of her nose.  

DRAGONCOLD –  when it's so cold it makes your breath smokes, so people look like dragons.  



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