Sixth form student starts upcycling business during lockdown!

It is fantastic to hear news of what our students have been doing during lockdown, and Year 13 student Sana Deshpande has certainly been making the most of her time at home!

At the start of lockdown Sana bought a sewing machine and started upcycling clothes for herself and her family. Sana enjoyed recreating the designs and decided to start her own upcycling business.

"In the summer of 2020 when everyone was going through challenging times, locked in their homes due to coronavirus, I was researching fast fashion and started becoming more aware of the huge impact it has on the environment.

I started imagining a world where people could update their wardrobes out of the things they already owned. This inspiration gave birth to my brand Rethread with a passionate desire to help people move away from fast fashion, reduce wastage and be more sustainable.

Rethread is a platform where people can give their old clothes and we upcycle them into something new. We can even offer design ideas to give a modern and trendy look to your old-fashioned clothes."

To find out more about Sana's business please follow the links below:




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