Old Dane inspires collection for refugees

Danes Student Journalist, Charlotte Batchford 7L, reports …

On Tuesday last week, Dan Chadder gave a speech to the whole school about his work with refugees. Refugees are people who have been forced to move from their homes because of wars, natural disasters or persecutions.  They need our help due to being forced to move so quickly they were unprepared to face the merciless winters on their travels.  Imagine being forced to move from your home, to travel to a place of unknown safety.  How would you feel?

Dan has recently come back from France where he was helping refugees preparing for the winter.  As the next generation, we need to help those less fortunate than ourselves by donating clothes and bedding to be taken to those who don’t have a home.  For five days, St Clement Danes have being running a donation station in the maths block.  Thank you to those that have managed to donate, and we look forward to sending these items to those who really need it.




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