Exciting new gardening project starts at SCD

A gardening club for KS3 students will be starting at St Clement Danes in the spring term. Students joining the club will have an opportunity to learn about horticulture and seasonality as well as environmental and sustainability issues.

Technology teacher, Mr Biswell, who will be leading the club, said that the club will be looking into all opportunities of recycling and upcycling around the school.

The students will learn how to produce chutneys, sauces, pickles and baked goods with the vegetables they grow. These items will then be sold to raise funds, helping to make the club a sustainable initiative, whilst also teaching students enterprise skills. This process will allow students to see the full food journey from seed to plate.

The gardening area enhances the current environment and provides an educational seating area next to the new LRC for students to use.It also provides a platform for some cross curricular and STEM  teaching.

Mr Biswell expressed his thanks to SCD PA for funding this exciting initiative.










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