Two hundred and forty SCD students visit Kew!

Two hundred and forty students visited Kew Gardens to practise Geographical fieldwork on Monday 18th and Thursday 21st June.

Head of Geography Miss Sissons reported - 'The Kew Gardens trip in Year 7 allows students to practise Geographical fieldwork in a new location. The trip is based around a Year 7 Scheme of Work (SOW) 'Tourism and the Travel Show', and prepares students for their first SOW in Year 8,  'Ecosystems of the Earth'. At Kew we use a variety of different data collections methods (both primary and secondary) to be able to bring information back to school to analyse. We can then start to make decisions about the management of tourism at Kew and the opportunities for tourists in the gardens. We also took full advantage of the variety of organisms within the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the Palm House, and looked at plant and animal adaptation and the origins of different flora around the world. The students thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Hive and the Treetop walkway, and an enjoyable day was had by all!'



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