Students enjoy first 'taste' of dissection in science

Danes Student Journalists, Anna Casey 7E and Olivia Brundrett 7L, report ...

Recently, students in 7 Lincoln have enjoyed an exciting science lesson dissecting a sheep’s eye. Learning about the topic ‘Light’, they studied a diagram of the eye. Then to look at it in more detail, they studied and dissected a sheep’s eye, enabling them to learn about the different parts such as the lens, the pupil and the iris. Students had the choice to take part in the dissection, but were not forced to do so. They did not even have to watch if they didn’t want to, but most people chose to take a full part in the lesson.

Whilst dissecting the eyeball, you could hear many people around the class squealing and making sickly noises, especially when they felt the eye, which was very squishy but interesting to look at. However, lots of people said it was an amazing experience and they would love to do it again.   


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