Royal Shakespeare Company Macbeth Workshop

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, Year 11 were unable to attend the opening night of the newest production of ‘Macbeth’.

In place of the trip, the RSC sent a group of its most talented young actors and directors to provide a workshop for the Year 11 students instead.

The entire year group had the opportunity to not only watch the group perform some of the most iconic and pivotal scenes in the play, but to then re-direct the scene based on their own knowledge. The students excelled in utilising their understanding of the characters, key themes and context to change how the actors portrayed the characters, staged the scene and delivered the lines.

The workshop provided an interesting insight in to how theatre is created, as well as providing a valuable revision resource for students in the run up to their GCSE English literature exams – we wish them the best of luck!



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