Boys win biggest fish competition

Yesterday, students Mickey Venus and Sean Smith visited the River Chess near Latimer to release two trout they have been rearing as part of a local project. The Chiltern Chalk Streams Project involves introducing school children to the early lifecycle of the Brown Trout by giving them eggs to look after in an aquarium. St Clement Danes was one of six local schools involved in the project this year, with the two Year 8 boys, working with Mrs Quinton, ensuring that perfect conditions were recreated for the fish at school over the past few months. The trip to the river was the culmination of the project. Paul Jennings, Chair of the River Chess Association, presented the boys with a trophy for having reared the biggest fish of all the schools (pictured below) before the two surviving fish were individually caught and released into the river. Our thanks to Paul for his time in working with and enthusing our students in this way.



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