Danes student journalists begin work

Today, the first meeting of the new Danes Student Journalists took place at school. The Year 7 students from both Croxley Danes and St Clement Danes spent their first session getting to know one another and writing spoof openings to articles as practice. Next week, they will be joined by Mr van Dyk, a former journalist, who will be giving them an insight into the types of articles he used to produce. By the end of term, the aim is that each student will have written at least one article for the website under the watchful eye of our Communications Lead, Mrs Thompson. Speaking about the role, Evie said “I've always enjoyed writing and I think being a student journalist is a great opportunity to use this for the school" whilst Dan, who is interested in sports journalism as a career, described how he was looking forward to “getting some good experience". The students would like to thank the Parents' Association for funding a camera for use by the group and future student journalists at the school. We look forward to reading more from this talented team later in the term.