Inter-House Dance and Basketball

Last week saw Inter-House sports competitions, with the girls taking part in House Dance and the boys in House Basketball.

The Basketball saw a number of matches played between the forms, and there were some excellent performances in the Dance competition.

In the Basketball, the results were as follows:

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Y7 Clare Clement Temple Exeter Lincoln Essex Dane Burleigh
Y8 Temple Essex Dane Exeter Burleigh Clare Clement Lincoln
Y9 Clare Essex Lincoln Burleigh Temple Exeter Clement Dane

The Dance competition, judged by the PE staff, saw each form performing a dance that they had choreographed themselves. As well as choosing the winning House, merits were also given to students who received effort awards.

Clement House was the winner of the Year 8 competition, with effort awards being received by Hana Kinney, Evie Tedan, Darcey Evans and Elizabeth Odularu. The DJ Award  was given to Ella Vincett and Frankie Owen. The choreographers for each House were also recognised for their hard work. Year 8 choreographers were named as Anahitaa Hariyani, Cacey Yuen Charlotte Curtis Izzy Day Beth Collier Daisy Harrison Jess Stone and Bea Wood.

Exeter House was the winner of the Year 9 competition with great work produced by choreographers Lucy Sandoe, Niamh Vienne - Brennan, Dana Jakabody, Siobhan Hobbs, Ellen Ford, Sophie Marston and Livia Romano,Frankie Shires and Olivia - Poppy Alderton.

Last- but not least- congratulations to Clare House, who won the Year 7 competition. Well done to choreographers Alice - 7A, Emily -7B, Maddie - 7C, Keighly - 7D, Florence - 7E, Gigi - 7L,  Georgia - 7S and Emmy 7T. Effort awards were received by Evie James, Libby Carstairs, Eva Wise, Yolanda Brett, Maisie Guy, Eloise Murray and Ella McDonough.

Well done to all who participated and a huge thanks to the PE staff for putting on such an enjoyable competition.








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