Year 13 Scientists visit CERN at Half term

Twenty Year 13 students experienced a fascinating visit to CERN, Geneva at Half Term. The students reported that they had an enjoyable and informative trip to the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, where physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. 

Below you will find some of the comments that the students made on return from their trip, including descriptions of some of the photos in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

“Geneva was a fantastic city to explore, and I particularly found the antimatter factory really interesting. It was great seeing/hearing first-hand the details of particle physics which are so alien to our everyday lives. I feel I’ve learnt a lot from the experience." Paul Ertl.

“The Globe of Science and Innovation is a visitor centre designed to inform visitors about the significant research being carried out at CERN. It is 27 metres high and 40 metres in diameter. Whilst we were there, an exhibit relating to the Big Bang was on show which explained the details behind the theory. I found this attraction extremely interesting and would recommend anyone going to Geneva to visit this fascinating piece of architecture.” Akhil Dhokia. 

"The photo is looking across Lake Geneva from the Marina and the Jet d'Eau. Geneva was a beautiful city and the vastness of the lake, combined with my love of boats, created a stunning view." Ben Constable.

“When Tom Hanks came to CERN he said this about it- ‘magic is not made here, magic is explained’. To me this perfectly sums up CERN, having visited it and seen some of the experiments in progress.  At CERN they are testing and looking for particles that some people thought were made up in science fiction, such as anti-matter.” Matthew Hodgart.

"Geneva was an amazing place filled with culture and memorable landscapes." Rowan Thomas.

Many thanks to all the students who contributed comments and photographs and who  expressed their appreciation to trip leader Mr Van Dyk and his colleagues for such an enjoyable experience. 

Please follow the link below below to learn more about CERN:




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