SCD students win UK Farm Tech challenge!

Congratulations to Year 8 students Daniel Shepard, Arjun Joshi and Damon Harvey who have won 1st place in the national Farm Tech Challenge competition - a fantastic accomplishment.The students have won a £1000 award for the school as a result of winning the challenge.

The competition asked students to design or create an invention using digital technology that could help farmers across the world produce more food,while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of people on the farm.

The challenge gave students a great opportunity to gain experience in creating real-life innovations, whilst learning the skills and knowledge that are relevant to a range of STEM-related careers. 

The winning team, “Build Up”, achieved their success with their idea to make a drone that can test for pesticides and toxins in expanses of water which would be analysed to prevent bioaccumulation occurring in the food chain. The students investigated their idea and discovered that it is possible to successfully fly drones needed to detect bioaccumulation if using a suitable drone and detector.

STEM coordinator Mrs Quinton praised the students' performance, stating that not only did they give a brilliant presentation, but they also answered the multitude of questions at the end of the presentation in a highly professional manner that set a great example to others.

The challenge was sponsored by Syngenta.

To find out more about the challenge please see the following link:





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