Verdi Requiem: A dedicated week for students to discover more!

A themed week  about the Verdi Requiem was held in school across many lessons for Key Stage 3 students during the week prior to the half term break. A special week of learning was held as an introduction to the performance at the Watford Colosseum of the Requiem on Saturday 8th July, in which many of our students and alumni will be taking part. They will be joined by students from Parmiter’s School, Tring Choral Society and world class soloists for this very special performance. The week was devised to help the students broaden their contextual understanding of the work across all subjects. Subject teachers tailored their lesson plans to teach students the curriculum whilst learning about the Requiem. Students had an enjoyable week, listening to music, solving maths problems in relation to musical notes, and playing word games in foreign language classes.

Students spent lessons working on various Verdi-related projects which will be used as part of the concert programme and will also be displayed at the Watford Colosseum to promote the event.

An assembly will also be held at school on Friday 30th June to further educate the students about the Verdi Requiem.

Please follow the link below to purchase tickets for this event:

Please see the BBC website for further education and resources about Verdi Requiem.








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