Feelin' Good week !

St Clement Danes School Council are arranging a number of events during Hertfordshire County Council’s “Feelin' Good week”. Student members of the Student Union have held a number of events to raise the profile of the week amongst our students.

Feelin' Good Week is a Hertfordshire wide event delivered in schools and the wider community by a range of services and organisations.  The week is an opportunity to promote the importance of emotional wellbeing, to raise awareness of mental ill health and to inform students where to access support if required. It also aims to reduce stigma about mental health problems and encourages students to seek help as a strategy for a happy and successful life.Members of the Student Union’s events team have been working with younger students to raise the profile of the week in school. Many events have been organised encouraging students to talk about their problems and concerns. The students have displayed a number of motivational posters around the school, and sixth form students have produced a powerpoint about mental health which they have shown to Year 10 students at break times. Older students have also spent time with Year 7 students designing emojis, and have also organised a games room at lunchtimes for the benefit of all students. Other events have included a Zumba class and a cake sale.

Students have been encouraged. to write post it notes sharing what makes them happy, and these are displayed on a board outside the library so everyone can share these good feelings! Staff have also thrown themselves into the spirit of feeling good week, with members of staff leaving positive thoughts and small gifts for other members of staff.

Well done to our Student Union members who have contributed to raising the profile of mental health, and encouraging all our students to feel good about themselves!

Everyone’s feelin’ good!



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