SCD features at the top of the GCSE tables for Hertfordshire

You may have seen the local press carrying stories about GCSE league tables recently. The various measures can seem a bit confusing but we thought you might like to know just how well our students performed compared to those in other schools in Hertfordshire.

There are two measures which are used to judge a school’s success now: Attainment 8 and Progress 8. Essentially, these measures reflect the average attainment of the students over a range of 8 subjects (including English and Maths) – that is the actual grades they achieved – and the average progress made by the students since the end of Primary School. Progress is a measure which takes into account the starting points of secondary school students and how much value is added to their achievements by their experience at their secondary school. A more detailed explanation can be found here.

League tables now rank schools according to the Progress 8 measure as it reflects the impact of the education received at the school and not just the innate ability of its students. We were delighted to note that, on this measure, we were ranked 7th of 145 in the whole of Hertfordshire. The tables can be seen here. However, looking at the schools ranked above us, only the top one, Herts and Essex Science College, a girls’ school, scores more highly than us in terms of the Attainment 8 measure. If ranked, therefore, by the progress made by students, followed by their attainment, we would come out as the most successful mixed state school in the county – a fantastic achievement!


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