Ever wondered what SCD staff get up to after school?

St Clement Danes staff - that shy and retiring lot - have been at it again, organising a surprise Mannequin Challenge to entertain the students in the last week of term. As you will remember from past years, the hidden talents of the staff have been in evidence in a variety of Flash Mobs. The image of Mr Butler performing 'Let it Go' on a table is one which will probably have stayed with you! If you wish to relive such classics as Riverdance and the Gangnam Style fire practice, they can be viewed by clicking here.

This year, the staff decided to film a spoof series of tableaux to show what they supposedly get up to after the majority of the students have gone home. Mr Butler introduced the film as a 'revision aid' in an assembly on Tuesday. Below you can see their efforts.

In case that is not enough fun, some of the Senior Leadership Team also Elfed Themselves for your entertainment. Enjoy - and Happy Christmas from us all!


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